Use Cases


The following SCIHM project activities will be completed by the researchers and project team in the US and EU based on the case studies outlined below. Priority activities of SCHIM project members are to:

  • Deploy both case studies on XSEDE network
  • Begin automation of workflow for both case studies
  • Implement method to provide rapid update of land databases
  • Implement method to pull/push streamflow observations/predictions to/from public portals
  • Deploy fully automated system on handful of XSEDE platforms

Synoptically-forced Extreme Flood
Genoa, Italy
During this extreme flooding event, more than 450mm of precipitation fell within 8 hours in Genoa, Italy. The event occurred over steep coastal Appenine Mountains resulting in the loss of life and millions of Euros in damage.

Genoa, Italy use case objectives

  1. Exploring issues of model poor performance
  2. Inaccurate depiction of land cover in the valleys surrounding Genoa…largely an underestimation of urbanization

Genoa Streamflow



Isolated Heavy-rainfall Flash Flood Event
 Colorado Mountain Front

This flash flood event took place in Colorado, USA where more than 25mm of precipitation fell within 1 hour with instanteous rates greater than 100mm/hour. The flooding event occurred over landscape that was previous fire burn in a steep terrain. As a result, large debris flow occurred.

CO Front

CO Precipitation

CO Streamflow