Data & Computing

Roles and responsibilities of the SCIHM project team are outlined below.

  • A primary goal in the SCHIM project is to support and foster the use of standards-based data discovery, interpretation, access and integration across hydrometeorological infrastructures in the US and EU by identifying and federating/unifying hydrometeorological data catalogs, vocabularies, services and information models. San Diego Supercomputer Center will be leading this effort and advising on the use of CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS) infrastructure and WaterML standard services, and on data-model integration.
  • Other aspects of the SCIHM project include developing iRODS-SAGA adaptors to provide standards-based and integrated compute-data CI and enabling data-intensive high-performance, high-throughput ensemble simulations on XSEDE and PRACE. This effort will be lead by the project team from Rutgers.
  • CUAHSI will help to facilitate community engagement through the development of focus groups to define and refine the functionality needed by hydrologists, hydrometeorologists, and atmospheric scientists, disseminate “best practices” for standards-based modeling, and organize a workshop on hydrological and meteorological “informatics” in 2014.